When Strangers Become Friends

I started making Youtube videos before I set off for Canada almost a year ago. I thought it would be a good way to document my time abroad and I love filming and editing anyway, so I guess YouTube was always going to be a natural progression.

These videos about Canada and my experiences  have allowed me to interview some amazing people and even though editing can take forever, I actually enjoy it.

I was recently at work, when a young woman came into my shop and gasped, came right up to me and said ‘You’re videos helped me move to Canada!’ The shock on my face must have been immense. The girl was called Muyi. She was from London and had arrived in Toronto 2 weeks ago. She proceeded to tell me about my videos and all the ways they had helped her. It was a surreal moment. I met up with Muyi yesterday and she brought a friend with her who was from Leeds and also new to Toronto but the strangest thing was that he had also seen my videos. It’s a weird thing talking to people and them knowing stuff about you before you’ve even told them!

We went to a few bars in Toronto and I have made two hilarious new friends and I never thought these videos would have the power to do that. I have also previously made friends with another YouTuber called Meisha Watson, who has taken me under her wing by showing me some fun places to go out around Toronto, as although she is from London originally, she has lived in Canada for 9 years!

This post is just to say thanks to all the people who watch my videos. All the lovely comments and messages make the hours spent making them more than worthwhile. Here’s to new friends and the world in which we make them. May we continue to be grateful for all of it. DEEEEEEEEEEP!

Here’s my Youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/candidcanada2013

photo 2 IMG_20130921_032002


2 responses to “When Strangers Become Friends

  1. Hey Hi ANYIKA, im your new fan i just discovered your blog and your facebook channel. I wish we’ll become friends 🙂 … I am about to go to canada soon. Your blog is very helpful..

    • Really glad you like my blog. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel as well. There’s lots of videos about my time in Canada. I hope you love Canada as much as I do once you arrive!

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