Traveling by Train Across Canada -BOOTIFUL!

I left Toronto for Jasper last May and as I love traveling by train I was so excited to get the chance to do the three day train journey. I had my own cabin and the food was ridiculous! It felt like I was being rocked to sleep at night.

After living in big cities all my life, Jasper was like something I had never had ever experienced. I actually let out a cliche gasp as soon I saw the Rocky Mountains!

I was in Jasper for 3 days and I travelled with 3 great people i had met on the train. We rented a car, which I would say is the best way to see Jasper as you don’t have any set schedule to abide by.

Lake Morraine had been my laptop screensaver for a year and it was incredible actually seeing it in person. The other highlight was just driving around Jasper in general and spotting the signature Canadian wildlife on every road.

I stayed at the Hi-Hostel just outside Jasper town, which cost around $25. Check out my blog to read more about my time in Jasper.




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