WWOOFing in Canada – Help Me Win a Video Contest!

To help me win this years WWOOF video contest please click on the link of this video and ‘Like’ the vid on Youtube to help me win this years WWOOF video contest. Simply click the thumbs up icon below the video.

Also would appreciate if you could share this video encourage people to ‘like’ that would be great. They don’t even have to watch it. JUST LIKE IT.

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farmers. My WWOOFing experience led me to an animal sanctuary in Alberta, Canada, where I spent 2 amazing months living off the land, learning more about myself the world we live in. WWOOFing is a different way of life and it is what you make it. We would work very hard but the work was satisfying and you knew exactly why it was essential and beneficial for all.

After working in cooperate jobs staring at computer screens for a year in the UK, working with my hands and getting dirty in the beautiful Rocky Mountains left me ecstatic EVERY day. I learnt to build fences, grow food, look after different animals, build roofs and mostly I learnt to switch off at the end of a long day, especially as I had no mobile signal in the mountains, I really had no choice. I learnt that laptops, mobiles etc are great but talking to people and family are more important.

The other WWOOFers I lived with quickly became like family and although we were all from different places in the world, we all had a few things in common. We wanted to be helpful, we wanted to learn, and we were positive people who enjoyed being joyful.

Music: King Dubby – A Love You Can Feel

For more information on WWOOF Canada please visit their website – http://www.wwoof.ca/


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