Opening Night at Toronto Fashion Week

The Fashion Brigade were out in full force yesterday and they did not disappoint. The Holt Renfrew opening party was held on 50 Bloor Street and although the party was meant to end at 11pm, I rocked up at 11.20pm and it was still going strong. I came straight from work, where comfort is king so decided to pretend I was going for the shabby chic look (more shabby than chic perhaps), with my entire outfit not costing more than £12, bag included . If you know me, you know this is the truth.

There was an open bar, which I am ashamed to say I only used once but my excuse is that I needed to interview people, so free alcohol wasn’t a priority. I did drink something delicious called a Grandslam, recommend by my new favorite male model Ty Ford.

Networking and business were in the air but I managed to hunt down some cool peeps in the uber trendy setting. Now the opening party is over, the shows begin and I will try and make it to as many as humanly possible, whilst not getting fired from my actual job in the process.

Wish me luck and lots of goodie bags!

Opening Night at Toronto Fashion Week

SAM_1058SAM_1048 SAM_1052 SAM_1054


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