Joe Fresh Joe Clean – Toronto Fashion Week / Day 3

Joe Fresh is one of Canada’s most well know brand names and that was obvious to see as soon as I arrived to the Joe Fresh runway show, where all the seats were taken and for the first time people were happy stand up and get in where they fit in. It was cosy but comfortable and I somehow managaged to bag what must of been the last seat in the house.

I was just happy to be there as I literally ran down from work in 8 MINUTES and was a sweaty mess to the delight of the people I had to squeeze past to get to my seat.

The show itself was rather minimal, which is what Moroccan born Canadian designer Joe Mimran has become famous for. Simplicity and style at affordable prices. It was nice to see Canadians get behind their fellow designers, giving Joe a standing ovation for the somewhat uninspiring collection. However there were some beautiful designs on some of his tunics, which reminded me of old fashioned Japanese water colour paintings. Reading up about Joe Mimran and how he got to where he is today is rather interesting ( but as one couple stated after the show ‘the best part was the music’.

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