Toronto Fashion Week – Day 2 = yummy chocolate

Today (now yesterday) was the first day of runway shows. I managed to rush down after work and catch the Melissa Nepton show, as well as the Sid Neigum’s show. The layout of this years’ runway looks a lot more up scale and similar to those seen at New York and London fashion weeks. Last year all the seating was on one level, whereas this year the venue had a rising seating plan, meaning more people could fit in.

This year in general is better put together but the only downside of more people is less freebies. There was no open bar this year or goodie bags but i did manage to snag 5 bars of chocolate made to look like an RBC bank card, which got me thinking about leaving Scotia Bank. I also got my hands on some Maybelline mascara, which couldn’t have come at a better time as mine is on it’s way out.

Melissa Nepton’s show was rather etherial and feminine which was balanced out by the striking eye makeup. I particularly liked the patterned pocket skirts, which I predict will sell well on the high street due to the ethic pattern and practicality.

Sid Neigums show was a feast for the senses. The music almost had me out of my seat shouting for a ‘PULL UP’. The clothes were clean cut and on the casual side of formal. Many pieces would fit well in the wardrobe of any fashion conscious career woman. Some of the dresses were a bit on the drapey side for me but the highlights were the cut out dresses.

For more pictures visit –


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