Rudsak Rules Runway – Toronto Fashion Week/Day 4

I managed to get to the Rudsak show early, so I got a decent seat, the only thing is I had only brung my less than decent camera, hence the bog standard pictures. Rudsak’s show on the other hand was anything but standard. In all honesty, out of the four shows I have seen so far, it was the only one in which I would wear the majority of clothes with pride. Stylish, sexy and timeless all at the same time.

Rudsak is definitely partial to a bit of leather. There was leather and crocodile skin, leather and metallics, leather and wool, leather and tan cotton, coloured leathers, leather and LEATHER. Had me thinking I had wondered into a gimp amusemnet park but even if I had , I was happy to be there and I wasn’t leaving.

The show had a very bohemian feel, with men with shoulder length hair and unkept beards and the music to back the theme. My favourite pieces were the futuristic silver metallic overalls (suprisingly featuring no leather), the leather and net fitted dresses and the leather and wool trench coats. In fact my favoutrite part of it was all of it.  Thanks Rudsak!

For more pictures visit –

Rudsak Rules Runway


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