Home Away from Home

In a world where being online is up there with eating, shitting and sleeping, it is understandable why my generation, which was the last to remember at least part of their childhood without the internet, can often yearn for the simpler times. When followers and likes weren’t a thing and when if you said you were going to meet someone, you actually had to be there at the ARRANGED time (I am guilty of this).

But for all we have lost with the age of technology, I can happily say that it has helped me a lot with my year away from home. Skype in particular has become  a dear friend of mine. “Do I miss my family”, people will ask me. Although I miss them physically, I feel as close to them and my good friends as I ever did. Here are just a few snap shots of some enjoyable Skype convos I had in 2013.

For more pictures visit – https://www.facebook.com/


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