Best Places to Eat Sushi in Toronto

I love sushi and it turns out Toronto is a haven for any sushi lover. Being from Sheffield, when it comes to food I always make sure to follow the ‘Three Ps Rule.




Listed below (with the Three Ps in mind) are my favourite sushi spots in Toronto.

Sushi Bon – 695 College St, Toronto, M6G 1C1

I was shown this little gem by my friend Vi and what a find it is. Situated in the trendy Little Italy area, it’s easy to get to on the streetcar (506) and it’s pretty straight forward. They give you a piece of paper with the sushi menu, you check the box of whatever you want to order, or in our case put a number of how many portions of that thing you want.

It’s quite small but we’ve never had to wait to be seated but if you’re really into the great customer service that North Americans are used to, this place may not be for you. I on the other hand am not fussed. That’s not to say the service is bad. They keep the food a flowin’, which is lovely, so I can’t complain. My favourites are the sushi salmon pizza (pictured) and the spicy salmon sushi roll with tempura bits. You can eat as much as you like and will pay no more than $17 (including tax and 15% tip).

Spring Rolls – 240 Queen St W, Toronto, M5V 1Z7 (various locations)

Spring Rolls has a lunchtime offer, which means before 3pm you will be charged $14 for all you can eat sushi. After 3pm the price goes up to $23. Myself and Vi arrived at 3.05pm. The manager checked his watched, looked at our broke faces and gave us the cheaper rate after some umming and awwing.

This location is definitely more fancy than Sushi Bon but with the same rate (before 3pm). The decor is refined and sophisticated and the service is more up-market, which it has to be to compete with the vast array of restaurants on Queen Street West. It also has a lovely outside sitting area. The waiter was very friendly taking our orders (of which there were many) and my favourites would have to be the beef teriyaki roll and the sweet potato roll. Including tax and tip it came to just over $18.

Spring Sushi – 40 Dundas St West, Toronto, M5B 2G9 (various locations)

Bang in the heart of downtown Toronto, Spring Sushi is easy to get to and offers a modern twist to your dining experience. ipad like menus in restaurants are more common these days but I really am a sucker for them. I can’t help but feel like I’m in that scene from Minority Report.Once given the ipad menu from your server, you are free to order whenever and whatever you like off the large menu and like magic it appears moments later.

The service at Spring Sushi is super quick and the surroundings are light and airy. I did go with my hungover boyfriend, which interrupted the zen of the atmosphere but we both agreed that the food was delicious, the jumbo tempura prawns being my favourite.

Spring Sushi was a bit pricier than the other two and set us back about $30 each, so I won’t be going again unless it is a special occasion.

You really are spoilt for choice in Toronto when it comes to food but I hope my sushi hot spot list has pointed you in the right direction.


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