Toronto’s Beauty Spot – High Park

High Park is a thing of beauty. The amount of times I said to my friend, “this doesn’t even look real”, was countless. As much as I love Hampstead Heath in London, High Park is quickly becoming my favoutie park in the world. You only need to watch the video to see why. Plus the the Grenadier Cafe does a darn good hot chocolate!

Also situated in High Park is the beautiful Colborne Lodge, which is one of 10 historic museums operated by Toronto Culture. The Lodge was built in 1836 by City Surveyor John George Howard for himself and his wife.

I actually fainted whilst in the lodge and the staff were so lovely. They gave me lots of cookies, the recipe of which dates back to the 19th century. Now that is professionalism. Staying authentic, even in a crisis!

For more pictures visit –

Contact Details;

Colborne Lodge 

Museum Services

1 Colborne Lodge Drive


Tel: +1 416 392 6916

High Park



+1 416-338-0338 ‎


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