Today I joined the likes of Santa Claus and Marry Poppins by making a kid’s dream come true. I took good ol’ Ricky Ross to the Hockey Hall of Fame and got him in free! His eyes lit up, not only because he is a complete hockey addict but also because he’s a cheapskate like myself and saved $17 on the entry fee.

Hockey was one of the main reasons Ricky Ross wanted to move to Canada in the first place, whereas I knew next to nothing about it until today. It was great learning about the history of it and understanding how deeply routed it is in the Canadian culture. Visiting the hockey hall of fame made me want to watch all the really famous clips of players like Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr and his flying goal!

I am a sports fan, by that I mean I can pretty much watch and enjoy most sports from Formula 1 to Tennis or swimming to horse riding. I even got into archery and road cycling during the Olympics, so I wasn’t shocked when I found myself enjoying watching hockey. Sometimes I find it very fast paced and am often left looking for the puck!

I am not yet addicted to the sport but I hope that will come in time, as I would love to turn on a hockey game and know what the hell’s going on, from the players names and team names to the importance of each game. I want to watch hockey like the majority of Canadians do. Hanging on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, shouting, screaming and crying. You can see that hockey is a big deal here, like football in the UK but somehow more important to them. It is their sport and they dominate it.

I hope to get to a Maple Leafs game soon or at least a Marlies game. In the meantime I am going to brush up on my hockey knowledge and perhaps sit a bit closer to the TV so I can keep a better eye on that pesky puck!

Hockey Hall of Fame

30 Yonge St


M5E 1X8


(416) 360-7765


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