Top 5 Clubs in Toronto

Toronto has some amazing clubs but it can take a while to weed out the good from the bad, so here is a list of a few of my favourites. I am not really into super clubs, as I find them a bit snooty, so if you feel the same, check these ones out!

1. The Drake Hotel – 1150 Queen St W

Drizzy Drake’s parents MUST of named him after this Toronto club. ‘I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known’ is how being in the Drake makes me feel. I have been on 4 occasions and had a blast every time. There are 3 floors open on a saturday, but the basement is usually where I choose to reside, which is home to the hardcore hip hop and rap. Twerk your way to the ground floor, where you can usually here pop and RnB classics being played. The ground floor is the largest room with a seating area but is ram packed, so accept that you will be sweat dripped on. The 3rd floor also has a patio and bar but no room for dancing, as do the other floors with live DJ’s. Saturday entry fee – $10.

2. Supermarket – 268 Augusta Ave

The supermarket is situated in the trendy Kensington Market area. Telling someone you are going to The Supermarket can be confusing. The supermarket, apart from having a trolley as it’s logo, has nothing to do with a actual supermarket! The music on a saturday usually encompasses old skool break beats, hip hop with a dash of Mariah Carey and MIA. It is quite a young university crowd filled with lots of geeky chic glasses and can get be cramped, so if you need the toilet, start making your way there 15 minutes before you REALLY need it.

3. Sneaky D’s –  431 College St W

Sneaky D’s hosts its legendary What’s Poppin’ Wednesday every week. It was one of the first club nights that I really enjoyed whilst in Toronto and danced until I almost collapsed after sweating out about 50% of the water in my body. Beware though ladies, as you will be chatted up an insane amount of times and not with the usual one liners. The overly hormonal and horny men have recently put me off What’s Poppin Wednesdays but I know I will one day return to shake my booty. Entrance fee $5 (girls get in free before 11pm)

4. The Garrison – 1197 Dundas St W

The Garrison reminds me of Hoxton in London, where global beats and revolutionary people who mean to change the world congregate under one cave like dripping roof to dance their woes away. It is where you will find the people that eat lentils and bulgar wheat 7 days a week doing some weird twisting and dipping motions with their body but having a bloody good time doing it. I loved the music and you have no choice but to be hypnotized by the drum beats and african and south american voices, yet not understanding a single world. Entrance fee $10.

5. Pravda Vodka House -44 Wellington St. E

Pravda has an unusual Russian theme, and every saturday night when the clock strikes 12, a man resembling a Russian 19th century King stands on the piano and proudly sings the Russian national anthem. Before and after this lovely skit, the club will be playing all sorts of music from 70s and 80s classics to RnB, dance and pop. There may also be a burlesque dancer or two straddling a piano and a highlight of mine are the two men that walk around the club with a saxophone and a drum playing to the music. Entrance fee – Free

Hope you enjoyed my little break down of places that you can get down. Feel free to add more in the comment section below.


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