10 New Years Resolutions Not To Make This Year

How has your 2014 been so far? Similar to the latter part of 2013 I assume. That’s because the New Year is just another day but with a different number. Now this may come across as all very cynical but I am not really one for making New Years resolutions. I think that if you want to do something you will just do it, EVEN if it’s June (God forbid). So on that note, here are my top 10 resolutions NOT to make this year, most of which you are likely to have already broken if you made them in the first place.
1. Quit your job to search for your dream career.
I am an avid believer in goals and dreams but times are hard out here, so unless you have a royal relative or know next weeks lottery numbers, stick out your job, WHISLT searching for your dream job, unless your next goal is to be homeless.
2. Completely change your wardrobe and entire look.

Were you recently dumped? If the answer is no, then slow your role. Completely changing your style means you’re probably not sure what even suits you. If you are absolutely set on becoming a new person, maybe find out what you hated some much about the old one. If you just want to go on a shopping spree, then there’s no harm in that but stick to cheap and cheerful places that won’t leave you broke in the process!

3. Stop Eating Junk Food.

Why oh why would you ever set yourself up for failure like this. Even the food that sells itself as good is often junk. Completely banning junk food can leave you craving just that. I’ve seen girls go mad over this. I’ve been one of them! So instead of finishing a whole packet of biscuits in 12 minutes, try finishing half a pack in 20 minutes and take it from there.

4. Save more money.

Have you got a roof over your head? Yes…Then you’re already a winner. The fact you’re able to read this blog on a computer means you’re already a winner and you can always sell the computer if times get really tough. Budgeting is hard, especially when all the fun things are expensive, so find new fun cheap things to do. Here’s a list  – http://www.wisebread.com/47-cheap-fun-things-to-do-this-weekend

5) Get fit

Do you want to get fit? As in do you want to get out of bed two hours early to go to the gym or run around the block. If the answer is no, it doesn’t make you a bad person. What I have found is that if you only ‘kind of’ want to get fit, then it ain’t going to work. Instead find ways to work getting fit into you routine. Cycle to work, have more sex or if you love team sports join a club. Simples.

 6) Good deeds

Doing good deeds for others is something good people do instinctively . They don’t have to be told to be nice to someone or to help someone. They see these opportunities every day and they just do it. If this doesn’t sound like you then it’s probably going to be extremely hard to change a habit of a lifetime. Just stay bad.

7) Make contact with family / friends more often. 

The friends and family we love hopefully know we love them. Keeping in touch is relatively easy these days but if you can’t be arsed or the timing is never right try to make a conscious effort to AT LEAST try and send them a long ass email every 3 months stating what’s going on in your life. You even have permission to copy and paste the same one to everyone.

8) Don’t let work stress you out.

Work can be stressful. I’ve had jobs in which I would come home crying and dread getting up to go to work the next day. If it gets to this point then OH MY GOD QUIT. Otherwise try and find out why work is stressing you out. Annoying colleagues? Not getting the respect you deserve – AKA Life.

9) Spend quality time on your relationship.

Chances are you’ve been together for a few years or maybe you just don’t like spending that much time together. If the thought of spending an hour of alone time with your boyfriend/girlfriend makes you roll your eyes…well I hate to be the one to say it, so I won’t.

10) Kick a gross habit of a lifetime.

OMG some people are SOOOO gross to the point where I don’t think they fully developed as human beings but some habits can be kicked. One of mine is biting my nails. I don’t actually hate the act itself but it’s starting to effect my lovely teeth, therefore I think it’s worth quitting. If you feel like changing a gross habit of a lifetime just ain’t going to happen then c’est la vie. Just find people who are just as (if not more) gross as you.

BONUS 11) Stop NOT winning the lottery

Completely agree with this one!
Good luck in 2014 but remember you can change whenever you want and only you have the power to do so. I think that’s pretty fantastic!

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