The CN Tower – Do Look Down

Obviously a visit to the CN Tower is a must if you’re in Toronto, unless of course you have a fear of heights, in which case you should stay the hell away. The CN Tower reaches the gargantuan height of  553.33m and was the tallest free standing structure until 2010. As it is one of Canada’s most well known landmarks, I thought it was only right that I pay it a visit. It costs $23.99 to enter the observation area and walk on the glass floor, which is what I opted for. You also go up in a lift that travels at around 30km/phr.

The CN Tower has its very own restaurant (360 Restaurant) in which you can enjoy a nice meal and some amazing views. The restaurant actually spins 360 degrees, which means there’s not a bad view in the house which confused me for a short while. The food is absolutely delicious but as you can imagine, on the pricey side. Expect a set menu to set you back around $80 per head. Check out the menu here

Here’s  the video I made about my trip to the CN Tower here: 

For more pictures visit:
Contact Details:

CN Tower
301 Front Street West
ON M5V 2T6
(416) 868-6937



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