Differences Between the UK and Canada (Part 1)

Some of this list will seem like I’m Canada bashing and I guess I am BUT considering that this whole website and my videos are dedicated to how much I love Canada I think it’s only right to prove that no-one and no place is perfect. Here are a few differences between the UK and Canada.

1. Popcorn Issues

I think I would be right in saying that the two most common flavours of popcorn in the UK are sweet and salty. I can just about tolerate those of a salty disposition but in Canada my GOD they have cheese popcorn like it’s normal. In a Canadian cinema you have two flavour options, butter or salty. Butter which is pretty much like saying ‘can I get an extra bit of nothing’ on my overpriced popcorn and salty, which I don’t care for on a good day. Then walk into a supermarket and it it just gets out of control. For me popcorn should be sweet, so imagine my horror when I found the following flavours; cheddar, salsa, pizza, ketchup, the savoury list goes on. You can get sweet and salty in the bigger supermarkets and also Kernels is a great range, which caters for the sweet minority.

2. Alcohol Where Are You!

In Ontario you can not just go to a corner shop and buy alcohol as you would in the UK. You can not just wonder into a 24 supermarket and buy the dizzy liquid whenever you like. For better or worse, Ontario has places called Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBOs) which are one of the few places you can purchase alcohol.  Alcohol is government controlled!! No one tells you this before you arrive in Toronto. Imagine finishing work late, getting ready to go out, make up done and you want a few pre-drinks before you head out. OH SNAP It’s 9.05pm and the LCBO is closed! NO they are not open 24 hours. Ontario has me feeling like I have an addiction because whenever I want acohol I end up in a mad frenzy to try and firstly find an LCBO and secondly get there before it closes! 

3. Everyone Has a Dealer

I have travelled to a few provinces in Canada (Ontario, Alberta, Quebec) and what I have found is that everyone has a dealer, or at the very least has the number of one on their phone. I find that in the UK some people are weed smokers and many dabble in it but in Canada it’s not even talked about, it’s just expected. No matter what profession, background, upbringing, there is likely to be a stash to be found close by. This all may just be a representation of the shady people I have encountered and have now come to call my friends!

4. Cash Machines/ATM

Withdrawing cash in Canada is day light robbery. Sometimes in the UK when withdrawing cash you will be asked if you will accept a charge of a certain amount to withdraw your money. In which case you decline as fast as humanly possible and walk your behind to the cash machines down the road, where you don’t have to pay a penny. That is because there is no charge to withdraw YOUR OWN money at the vast majority of cash machines in the UK. In Canada it is the very opposite. Unless you use an ATM associated with your bank card, you will be charged around $1.50 each time you withdraw money.

5. Give me a chance to get off the toilet!

Many restaurants, bars, shops and gyms etc have automated flush operated toilets, which seem impatient to hurry you up and get the next bum seated. I find that before I have even finished my lady business the toilet has already flushed itself. Erm excuse me. I enjoy my toilet time, so at least give me a second to undo my jeans. I’ve not experienced quicker flushing toilets than in Canada, which actually end up wasting more water, as they often have to be flushed twice.

Ok. That’s all for now. Still love you LOADS Canada!

Here’s a video I made a while ago about some UK/Canadian differences.



3 responses to “Differences Between the UK and Canada (Part 1)

  1. Hi Ndrika!
    I am currently in the UK planning my getaway, I have decided on Toronto so in preparation I thought I would browse YouTube to get some pointers on what to expect, and guess who the first person was that I across?…so I have been watching your videos(the one where you are preparing to leave the UK made me smile) anyway I was hoping to email you as I would like to ask you a few questions before I book my flight.
    If you don’t mind could you send it to me and I will contact you asap.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. About #5 on toilets, I personally find the toilets annoying sometimes, like automatically flushing before I’ve started my business. Seems like a waste of water. The toilets (sinks, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers, too) all have a motion sensor. Seems as long as I try to stay still, the toilet won’t flush. Then when I do a sudden movement like standing up or leaning over, it will flush. I understand the reason for these motion sensors is to discourage your hands from physically touching these washroom fixtures to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from one person to the other, e.g.: touching the flush handle after doing your thing before someone else uses it. It’s a health and sanitation concern. I think it started back when there was the fear of SARS, but I’m not certain. Anyways, cheers from Vancouver.
    PS: I always thought popcorn should be salty/savoury. I guess it naturally boils down to what one becomes accustomed to seeing when growing up in one culture 😛

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