MILK IN A BAG? – Differences Between the UK and Canada (Part 2)

I first started my list on differences between the UK and Canada about 5 months after I arrived, so as you can imagine it is pretty long! If you haven’t read part 1 yet, here it is – Otherwise sit back, relax and read on.

1. Any Excuse for a Holiday
I love Canadians for this! They simply make up nationwide holidays and everyone goes along with it. Christmas, Labour Day, Thanks Giving, New Year’s Day, Canada Day and Victoria Day were never going to be enough…Bring in Family Day. All you have to do to enjoy this holiday is to have been born into a family. They are an inclusive bunch these Canadians. Family day was accepted as a holiday in most provinces by 2007 and this year will be held on February 17th. I may not have any family in Canada but I’ll enjoy not working none the less. Thanks!


2. Milk in a Bag
I do not understand why milk would come in a bag. What if the bag got pricked and leaked out. On top of that you have to put the bag in a jug to pour it, so whereas a milk carton comes ready made, milk in a bag requires bringing other apparatus to the table.

So I just did some research on the benefits of milk in a bag.
1. More environmentally friendly… Fair enough.
2. The milk bags can be washed out and re-used as sandwich bags….SERIOUSLY!


3. Traffic Lights – Red does not mean stop!
In the UK green means go and red means stop. Driving through a red light is super illegal, so when I got to Canada I had a few near death experiences in which I couldn’t figure out why cars were driving through red lights like it was normal. That’s because it is normal! There are certain rules of course. If you are on the outside lane next to the pavement and you want to make a right turn, you can, even if the light is red, so long as there are no pedestrians. Toronto traffic is a bit of a mess, in no small part down to the street cars (coming up in part 3).


4. Fast Food is not fast
I find that ordering fast food in Canada or Toronto at least, is never quite true to the name or purpose. I don’t really expect to wait more than 10 minutes in McDonalds or Hero Burger but I have. On the plus side, the wait times in fast food joints has led me to eat less fast food. Thanks again Canada.


5. People don’t steal
…As much. I have often lost things or left them somewhere and returned to find them exactly where they were 2 hours ago or been chased down the street by a friendly Canadian to give me back my misplaced belongings. This always brings a smile to my face. Just hits home that I am no longer on the mean streets of London. I always hold my bag tight and my first instinct is to be wary of strangers. For instance, yesterday when I returned to the launderette to realise I hadn’t even turned the dryer on and would have to leave my clothes overnight as it was late. My first thought was, ‘they won’t be there in the morning’ but sure enough they were. This may also be because people might not think my clothes are worth stealing. Either way, thanks again Canada.


If you have any other instances of differences between the UK and Canada, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Here’s a video I made last year about my first impressions of Toronto. OLD SKOOL


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