To the People That Make the Place – Travel!!

There’s a weird feeling you get when you return somewhere that once meant a lot to you. Perhaps a place you once called home. To see all the things that were so familiar to you, yet now you see them in a different light. You see or perhaps remember them in the situations in which they were first encountered.

I worked at Blue Mountain Ski Resort for 4 months last winter. I lived with 8 amazing people from all over the world in a house that I can only describe as pimped (pool table, TV room, ping pong table). I also worked with some hilarious people who taught me that wherever you go, you will always find others that you click with instantaneously and that’s a nice thought if ever there was one.

Sometimes when you’re so happy from day to day it’s hard to take a step back and think I am so happy right now in this moment. I was lucky enough to have those moments so often when I was working at Blue Mountain and would hug friends and people I liked out of nowhere and although it must have seemed random to them, it was a ‘moment’ for me.

I miss the people I met here, especially as every road and hill and building in someway reminds me of them and that is when you realise it is not the place you miss but the people. It is the people that give warmth to objects and places. You can travel to the most amazing places and not have fun and be in a (for lack of a better word) shi*thole and have the time of your life. The main ingredient (for me) is always the people.

So here’s to the beautiful people we have met in our lives so far and of course to the people we are still yet to meet!


I’m off skiing now but check out some of the videos I made whilst working at Blue Mountain



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