Meet the Meetups – A New Way to Meet People

I first heard about the social network Meetup back in 2012 when I was still in the UK. I thought it looked like a great way to meet people with similar interests once I arrived in Canada, especially as I would know no-one. Literally no-one! I never actually used Meetup when I arrived but I finally got round to it this month, so here’s what it’s all about!

What Is Meetup?

It is an online social networking portal that facilitates group meetings. There are so many groups that you can join depending on your interests. There’s sports related groups and dance class groups. There are entrepreneur and business Meetups as well as games, movies and politic groups . The vast range of Meetups reflect society’s variety of intrest, so it’s nigh impossible to not find a group that would interest you and if not, then you can create your very own group!

Don’t mistake Meetup for a dating website. It is simply about experiencing something fun and making friends. Though if you are on the hunt for a partner, there are even Meetup singles groups that you can attend.

Who Uses It?

The Meetup website is pretty simple to use. You just enter your post code/city and a topic you’re interested in and a number of groups in that city that suit that topic will pop up.

Meet up now has over 13.4 million members in 196 countries and 125,247 groups, so basically a lot of people use it.

My Meetup Experience

I attended my first Meetup last week after being invited by a friend who was one of the group organisers. It was an anxious and exciting time waiting to see who would turn up and how all these complete strangers would interact under one roof. We met at a cool downtown bar called Rakia just off Bloor and after the initial nervous small talk, it quickly became a fun and really enjoyable event. There were people from all over the world, as far and wide as Argentina, the UK, Dubai and of course Canada. The night went so well we even went to another bar afterwards and partied into the early hours.

I interviewed my friend Muyi who is the organiser of the Meetup group Downtown Toronto Fun Club on her thoughts about what makes Meetup so darn cool!

What’s so good about Meetup?

Meetup is a great concept! Participating in activities you love, with people who share the same love. Apart from this, it’s a good way to meet different people and explore the city, and these are the reasons I joined meetup.

Why did you make your own group?
2. Laleh and I created our meetup group because we wanted to form lasting relationships with a good quantity of people living in Toronto, and organise a variety of events that were not profit making but more about having fun.

Why should people join your meetup group?
3. Downtown Torontonians should join our group if they want to have fun, meet different people and participant in events that celebrate the diversity and wonderful culture Toronto has to offer. Here’s the link for the group –

If you fancy making your own Meetup group, you can read this article for a few tips

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