How Sweet it is to be a Woman

There has never been a better time to be a woman. FACT. I say this regarding equality, opportunities and freedom of speech. I want to give a super huge shout out to all the amazing, talented and strong women in the world, some of which I have the pleasure of being related to.

I have always been lucky enough to be encouraged in everything I do, which has left me with the feeling that I  can do whatever I put my mind to. My mother didn’t have such opportunities or encouragement and so many women around the world today still don’t.

As it is international Women’s Day, I thought it necessary to do a top ten list of all the things I love about being a woman, lest I forget! Most of them are trivial things but I enjoy them none the less.

1. Four hour long phone conversations with one of your best friends that carry on into the wee hours of the morn. Although you just saw them yesterday, there is always something to laugh and cry about.


2. Sleepovers that you had as a little girl were so fun and the realization that you can still have them, but with a magical added ingredient – ALCOHOL!


3. That feeling right after you shave your legs and get into bed. SILKY SMOOOOOOOOTH!


4. Having such a wide variety of clothes options at your disposal. This can sometimes be a curse but in the long run it’s the shiznit.


5. Being able to wear men’s clothes and rock them shits better than men. Enter Chloe Sevigny, Cate Blanchett, Grace Jones etc.


6. Being able to give birth. Errrrrm CRAZY! For real, that is sooo crazy and beautiful.

laughing baby playing with mother

7. BOOBS – Awesome, and the way they look in a matching set of underwear. Flawless, absolutely flawless.


8. The freedom to do what the hell I want (within reason), because I can and if you don’t like it…DEUCES!

own me

9. The relationships you have with female members of your family. Complicated, crazy and oh so irreplaceable. It can’t be described , it can only be felt. Love my sisters and mama!


10. Being the boss. There are more female CEOs and millionaires than ever before but that still isn’t many in comparison to men. I love to see women running the show, even though I can imagine the annoying shit they have to put up with, they still own it. BOSS!


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