Don’t Sweat It – The Sun Still Doth Shine!

I write this post in homage to the fantastical event that took place yesterday in Canada. Although it is currently snowing, yesterday, the one sun that shines on our dear planet did not bypass Canada. It actually took a moment to stop and glimmer on this beautiful country. I felt the touch of the sun’s forgotton rays on my bare skin and it reminded me that other seasons, bar winter, are still concievable.

During this long ass winter I have managed to collect a vast array of bad boy sweaters that (I hope) I will not be wearing for much longer. I have become quite a connoisseur in fact.

For those of you who like a good old print and some retro granddad chic, you will be amazed at a collection that can only be deemed possible via working at a thrift shop. For the rest of you – #learnsomething.

This is a post to show my appreciation for the knitwear that kept me alive this (LONG, LONG, LONG, ONGOING) winter. You’re more than welcome to post pictures of your lovely sweaters, especially if you think they can top mine!?!

1. I bought this sweater from Black Market back in October just because I love red and the chuffing dogs had bells on. It was repeatedly mistaken for an ugly Christmas sweater but I will rock this baby till it’s to hot to do so.


2. I bought this one back in Kentish Town (London) before I left for Canada. Upon seeing it, my sister quickly announced that if Ryan Gosling was a sweater, he would be this one. Strong, yet sensitive, tough, yet warm. She nailed it!


3. I just love the print! Bought this one from Kind Exchange and will miss it in the summer. Reminds me of wallpaper Marie Antoinette would f*ck with.


4. Only got this one recently from the Kind Exchange. I didn’t have a straight up and down winter sweater, so this one filled the void.


5. I love this print so much. Reminds me of a beehive disco party. The only thing is it’s well itchy. Guess you can’t have it all.


6. I shrunk this baby in the wash. It used to fully cover my arse, so I could wear it as a sweater dress. Still love it mind, just a little less.


7. Well it has a cat on it and I love the colour combo.


8. Pretty boring, standard print but I still like it. In a world where a good cardigan is hard to come by – this one does the trick!



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