Not Gone and Never Forgotten

Traveling is amazing! Seeing a whole different part of the world and having adventures that only come when you start from scratch. Yet, as much as I love traveling, issues can arise when things get more long-term, such as keeping in touch with much loved old friends.

During my year and 5 months in Canada, I think I found some fail safe ways to keep in touch with loved ones whilst still living your life, making new friends and having new experiences.  I could even go as far as saying that some of these relationships are even stronger than before. CRAY CRAY!


Who doesn’t love that little poo icon! Also it’s free (for now anyway). It’s instant messaging but you can send pictures and videos as well. I have recently started using something even better than Whatsapp called Line. You can make video calls for free on this bad boy, as well as do everything that you can do on Whatsapp; even the poo icon is better!

I love keeping in touch like this because I often send pictures to friends of things that remind me of them, like road names or food etc. It’s so quick and easy, there’s really no excuse not to.



This is by far my favorite way of staying in touch. You can’t beat a bit of video action. It’s so much more personal than calling. I once showed a friend the contents of my entire wardrobe that I had collected in Canada, as we have the same fashion sense. She then proceeded to show me a cat, a ladder, her bum and drew a picture of me with her eyes closed. Now you can’t do that with a boring phone call.

Skype can get tricky when you put into consideration time differences. It’s always better to set up a ‘Skype Date’, so you know when to be around. I have friends and family in the UK, France, Mexico, Holland and New Zealand and although Skype can sometimes be awful quality, it really has been a godsend!

Picture 32


I don’t use this one frequently, as the cost of posting something from Canada to anywhere in the world is ridiculous. It usually costs more than the thing I want to send. Saying that, there’s nothing like receiving a gift in the post and you don’t have to save this just for birthdays and Christmas.



Not my favourite way of staying in touch but when used with all the above methods, a bit of Facebook is great. Plus you can see first hand what your friends are up to. Who’s the new guy in their life? Where they’ve been on holiday etc. That’s lovely! Also those Pusheen cats that you can now send in messages are pretty priceless.



I often send and receive videos from friends that are hilarious. It’s nice to know someone’s thinking about you, especially if they’re videos that you used to watch together.

My sister and I even plan to try and watch the new series of Game of Thrones together (a bit illegally) online via Skype. We’ll see how that works because she always used to talk through it but at least this way I can put her on mute.


BASICALLY – It is possible to maintain friendships whilst away from home. It requires a bit more effort and commitment on both sides. I have made some amazing and life long friends whilst traveling but there will always be something about an old friend who knows you inside out and just gets you. Especially if you are going through tough times, which are bound to occur during traveling. It is great to have a loving support system that can make you laugh till you wee a bit, or take your mind off things by talking for hours on end about nothing in particular.

Treasure your friends and family, they’re pretty awesome!

HERE’S SOME OF MY SKYPE PICS – view more here

1. Liz and laptop

Picture 7

2. Ellen and Mr Fox

Picture 10

3. Vi so happy

Picture 18

4. Swag!

Picture 30

5. Random Irish guy

Picture 35

6. My lil’ shamrock

Picture 37

7. Belgium beauty

Picture 42

8. Amala in France

Picture 53

9. Bet and my hometown glory

Picture 59

10. The talented Lucy!

Picture 69

11. Alicia on the mean streets of Dagenham

Picture 65


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