Saying Goodbye to Winter

Today marks the first day of spring in Canada. Winter has officially (if not literally) been and gone. Thermals and layering to the point of immobility will soon be a thing of the past and that is truly something to be happy about. It also means we are one season closer to summer, which is supposed to be magnificent in Toronto. I can feel that the city’s inhabitants are eager for its arrival as well.

Good weather seems to warm people up from the inside out. I think REM wrote about the first days of spring when they sang “Smiley happy people holding hands”. It means no longer having to factor weather into your plans or cancelling your plans altogether. There is no excuse to hibernate and even as I write this I can feel the excitement of spring and all its potential bubbling up inside me.

Here are some things I am looking forward to this spring.

1. Going outside with no thermals or jacket

I have acquired a serious amount of spring/summer clothes that are waiting patiently in my wardrobe.


2. Picnics in the park

PICNICS!!! Sun, strawberries, lemonade and sandwiches that never get eaten because they are squashed and gross. Chilling with friends on the grass or reading a book. All good things.


3. Traveling in general

Traveling anywhere in the winter is a job in itself and a laborious one at that. Forgetting your gloves or scarf won’t even be an issue anymore!


4. Patio bars

Sipping on a chilled cider, then another and another. Spending hours in a good Toronto patio bar in hot weather is a thing I have dreamt about for some time now.


5. Camping

I LOVE LOVE CAMPING! Spring is actually better for this, as my innate fear of wasps means summer can often be too petrifying.


6. Shopping

Get your thrift on now. Everyone is spring cleaning, so thrift shops are filled to the brim with new arrivals. Trust me , I know!


7. Bike rides

Cycling is fun , even though the road systems in Toronto are a bit dodgy and dangerous. Never the less, renting a bike is cheap and fast, so it’s definitely on my list.


8. Chilling on the porch

I have a porch at the front of my house. I daydream about sitting on our rocking chair, watching the world go by and reading a good book. This I’m sure will never actually happen.

Helle Summer house


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