You’ve probably heard about the #nomakeupselfie craze by now. Seeing your female friends posting pictures of themselves on Facebook without any make up on is for one reason or another, very fascinating.

The viral phenomenon has been going strong since March 17 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Woman all over the UK have been posting bare faced photos of themselves on social media outlets accompanied by the hastags #nomakeupselfie and more recently #breastcancerawareness. It naturally became associated with Cancer Research UK and has currently raised over £2m for the charity in just a few days! Along side their selfie, people can encourage others to text BEAT to 70099, which will donate £3 to the charity.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the campaign. Commentators have argued that it is more about vanity than anything else,  i.e. “look how pretty I am without make up”. I feel that anything that can raise more than £2m for charity, whether it comes from a place of vanity or not, can still be viewed as beneficial.

I have even noticed my Canadian friends getting involved with the #nomakeupselfie, so it looks like it’s going global. Never ones to be left out, men have also become part of the campaign by posting pictures of themselves with make up on and using hastags to raise money for male associated cancers.

I personally think that the #nomakeupselfie has been so successful due to the sense of camaraderie that it rouses in women. Somewhat of a rebellious act against separating ones private face and ones public face or more literally, removing the mask that women wear every day.

The image of women in the media can be so artificial that a woman showing a picture of herself without make up is now considered groundbreaking! I find this crazy, but then think of how many pictures of myself I have on Facebook without make up and realise it’s probably no more than a handful. There is something intrinsically vulnerable about bearing all to the world and being open to judgment, so I commend these women for doing so and encouraging their friends to do the same.

Here’s one I made earlier



Read more about #nomakeupselfie here –


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