If my love were an ocean, there would be no more land – PRIMARK

I got a delivery in the post from a much beloved sister who knows me inside out. The package was from the UK and full of Primark goodies. This will not be a big deal for anyone currently residing in the UK but I currently live in Canada and am forever tormented by the fact there is no equivalent to Primark here!!! Winners is not an equivalent.  It is nowhere near as good, on trend or cheap.

Some people can’t deal with shopping in Primark and I can understand why. You have to be in a specific frame of mind to shop in Primark, especially on a (suicidal) Saturday. I have even shopped in the Primark on Oxford Street on a Saturday…It wasn’t fun BUT it was so worth it, giving true meaning to the phrase ‘pain is gain’.

Even those who originally sniffed their noses at Primark are coming round to it, including celebrities. I always prefer to shop in thrift stores due to the sheer variety and the fun of putting together an outfit that you know no-one else has but Primark is one of my few exceptions. Working in retail has taught me that you love an item of clothing one day and hate it the next, therefore why spend riddculous amounts of money on something so fleeting and disposable unless it’s a truly classic piece? On top of that, the chance of spilling, ripping or losing it are pretty high. I might just be talking about my clumsy self now?

I am genuinely looking forward to visiting the UK. Primark (and I guess family and friends) are a big part of why. You truly do not know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Primark I miss you…

Nowhere and I mean nowhere repeatedly hooks me up like Primark, especially concerning matching bra/knicker sets. Big titty girls will feel me on this one. Oh and they now do clothes with Goslings face on.



P1120699 c



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