Good Times. Good Times – In and around Canada

After a cold and brutal Canadian winter, we are all hoping for a warm and wonderful spring/summer. The only thing is there will be so much to do that you’re main complaint will be trying to fit it all in! So, if you’re as ready as I am to ditch that sweater and shed those layers, lets collectively cross our fingers for the irradication of rain and wind and hope for all the fun and sun that hot weather brings!

There’s so much I’ve got on my Canadian bucket list but for this spring/summer it looks something like this…

1. Osheaga

Osheaga is a 3 day music festival held annually in Montreal, Quebec (1-3 Aug). I hadn’t heard of it before I arrived in Canada but it’s a big deal! The lineup for this year’s Osheaga seems to have wondered out of a dream! I counted 14 artists that I am dying to see, including Outkast, Arctic Monkeys, J.cole, Haim, Skrillex, Lykke Li, Pusha T…the list is relentless! Tickets cost $250 and can be found via the following link-


2. Camping

I really love camping even though I’m terrified of anything with wings. I hope to get to one of Ontario’s beautiful provincial parks to make like a hippie and live off the land/No Frills value food for a day or two. From word of mouth I gather that the best places for camping in Ontraio are Charleston Park, Algonquin Park and The Pinery but to name a few. I would love to hear other suggestions.


3.Visit the Caribbean

Traveling to one of the Caribbean islands from Canada is a piece of piss and it’s also dirt cheap. I have wanted to visit cuba for a few years but didn’t know that I could get an all inclusive deal including flights from Canada for…wait for it…WAIT FOR IT….$400!! Similar deals are to be had for the Dominican Republic and many of the Caribbean islands, so it definitely worth a gander. Cuba is a popular destination for visitors from Canada, with statistics showing that more than a quarter of the foreign visitors are Canadian!


4.Patio Bars

Drinking cider in the sun on a lazy day. Nuff said!


5. Toronto Islands

I have been to the Toronto Islands once before during the first week I arrived in Canada. We managed to get some great views of Toronto’s downtown landscape but as I went in September, it was a bit chilly. I’m looking forward to going this spring and riding a bike across the various islands.


6. High Park

The cafe in High Park does the best hot chocolate! It’s also is pretty darn beautiful. The layout is a bit regimented in comparison to London’s parks, for example Hampstead Heath, but it is well worth a few visits all the same. Check out the video I filmed in High park:

7. Trinity Bellwoods Park

I’ve not actually been to Trinity Bellwoods but the ambiance and good vibes in the summer time are supposed to be legendary. Chilling, Frisby playing, picnic eating, beer drinking, music listening, dog walking are some activities that can be seen in this urban oasis.


8. World Pride

Toronto will be hosting the World Pride festival this year. Each year Toronto holds Pride festival which lasts ten days and celebrates the divesity of the LGBT community in Greater Toronto. This year should be more vibrant and more fun than ever,  as this will be the first World Pride festival ever held in North America.


9. Caribana

Akin to Nottinghill Carnival in London, UK – Caribana is a celebration of Caribbean culture, including music, food, dance and much more. I attended the carnival in 2013 and although I had fun I was a bit disappointed by the fact the festival was $25 to enter and that the public were not allowed to be part of the actual parade and instead had to watch behind high fenced gates! Luckily my friend and I spotted a gap in the fence and managed to sneak in, otherwise we would of had a mediocre time. Same again this year! 


10. Geek out for Game of Thrones
Just in case there is a rainy/cold day (which there won’t be), you will at least have the option of watching the amazing, awesome, brilliant (more positive adjectives) Game of Thrones, which came back for a fourth season this April 6th! I actually bumped in to Kit Harington (John Snow) on two occasions last spring whilst I was working at the Hot Docs festival and he was lovely! Here’s to hoping I’ll be so lucky this Spring!






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