The Epitome of Chill – Bampot House of Tea

Finding a perfect chill out location is like finding a needle in a haystack but when you do, it is well worth blogging about. Bampot Bohemian House of Tea & Board Games hits all the right spots. Inspired by the traditions of Czech tea houses, the layout and general vibe of the place is so chill that I can see myself spending many an afternoon there, drinking tea, eating baklava, reading, playing boardgames with friends and smoking the watermelon and rose shisha till the wee hours of the morning.

Bampot only opened last week and is still relatively unknown but word of mouth will soon change that. It is so beautiful inside, with numerous wooden nooks and crannies to hibernate in with friends or on your tod. There are over 150 board games to keep you entertained but you may be too busy flipping through the menu and its vast selection of teas that will leave you umming and ahhing to even start playing the games! The chai was a sure fire hit amongst our group but with my sweet tooth, I opted for the spiced hot chocolate. DELICIOUS! The carrot cake was also a favourite!

I feel like I have found my Central Perk, my home away from home. I am even hesitant to write about how much I love this place, as I don’t want it to become over run by overly trendy and seriously pretentious folk who really should be required to stick to Starbucks (please).

Andrea and Mark Hein – The Husband and wife duo who own and run Bampot are adamant that it keeps the chilled ambience that it has now. They don’t want it to be a crammed cattle market and when I spoke to them, it was so obvious to see they are in it for the love as opposed to the dollar dollar bills y’all. The place exudes their passion. You can see it in the menu, feel it in the decor and they succeed in capturing the elusive great ‘atmosphere’, which is where so many other establishments fail. I felt like I had wondered into the wardrobe and ended up in Narnia, never wanting to leave. We stayed till close (1.30am) and were immediately discussing when we would be returning. On a side note, I also learnt how to blow smoke rings!

IMG_20140427_012020 IMG_20140427_000520 IMG_20140427_000025 IMG_20140426_233839 IMG_20140426_233234 IMG_20140426_233122_1 IMG_20140426_233110 IMG_20140426_233038 IMG_20140426_231728 IMG_20140426_230653 IMG_20140426_230316 IMG_20140426_225958 IMG_20140426_225922 IMG_20140426_225253 IMG_20140426_225242 IMG_20140426_224520 IMG_20140426_224030 IMG_20140426_224004 IMG_20140426_223909 IMG_20140426_223600


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