Paint Nite – Where the Creative Juices and Alcohol Doth Flow

Ever fancied yourself as an underrated Picasso – well Paint Nite might be just the thing for you. Paint Nite seamlessly blends two favourite human past times – art and drink. I recenly attended a Paint Nite in Toronto and not only were my creative juices flowing but so was the White Zinfandel.

The 2-hour Paint Nite painting parties are held daily with 25 people in attendance. We were luckily guided step-by-step by a lovely lady named Tara, who was great fun and kept the room entertained. Everyone was instructed on how to draw the same picture and it was cool to see how wildly different many of them were. I enjoyed seeing my canvas start off incredibly bare with endless possibilities and slowly  transpire into something ‘art like’.

Paint Nite really does make art acceseible and the atmospehere and ambience (proabaly helped along by the drinks) makes for a non-judgmental and relaxed atmosphere, with many of the participants admitting to having not painted since elementary school.

If you think you might be interested in getting your hands dirty then check out the Paint Nite events calendar. Tickets cost $25 per person plus an extra $3.25, but it is well worth it.

You get to take your finished masterpiece home and hang it in your humble abode in the place that it will receive most compliments. You are officially an artist (pronounced arteeeest)


10371410_10152253134394332_3796177020585363611_n 10389693_10152253134364332_3520575731907209872_n 10443457_10152253134309332_5030427768342550259_n 10363839_10152253134279332_8673417262673857830_n 10450435_10152253134249332_6605649353325257135_n 10356252_10152253134224332_821791207890622951_n 10336673_10152253134194332_6797735338774720310_n 10312663_10152253134119332_2300023012402613820_n 10372351_10152253134524332_2538741582703373459_n 10376314_10152253134454332_2260791118224927441_n



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