Dealing with Post-World Cup Depression

For those of us whose lives became engrossed in the wonderful thing that is the World Cup, it is hard to accept that it is actually over. It’s like being given the most fantastical present only to lose it before you’ve even unwrapped the bugger.

It’s the pure loss of knowing that you no longer need to plan your days around matches and in some cases book entire days off work. You will no longer feel the atmosphere that is created by being surrounded by total strangers who all have one common interests and the sense of unity it brings. Or perhaps it’s just the simple depressing fact that we will all be four years older the next time the World Cup comes round that is the real stinger but whatever it is, life (I’m told) goes on.


Do you suffer from these symptoms of Post World Cup Depression?

1. You find yourself in a zombie like state during the times the football used to be on. For me this is 12pm and 3pm. Hard, hard times.


2. Your bank account after the World Cup is somewhat depleted, which brings on a knock on depression linked with the World Cup.

Royalty-Free Stock Photography by Rubberball

3. You feel an eerie sadness when you see circular objects ; plates, wheels, the sun, an unusually circular face.

4. You have developed a tendency to watch terrible television to compensate for the end of the world cup.

All these symptoms will not last but while they do, here are some coping mechanisms that may be useful.

1. Go play football – Especially while the weather is nice!


2. Support your local club

3. Get wrapped up in the “silly season” – The transfer window does not close until the end of August, so there are still six more weeks of drama for players to move from club to club.

4. Take a deep breath and wait it out because the Barclays Premier League returns on August 16.


If it makes you feel better and puts things into perspective, you are not alone in your confused and sad state. The beauty of the World Cup is that it is a global event that much of the world appreciate and celebrate, so when it’s gone, it effects a big chunk of people.

Here are some of my favourite depressing statements I’ve found from people around the world;

‘My dad is telling me to find a job, I gotta start applying for student loans, have to clean the house but all I want to do is watch more World Cup….’

‘I feel like I live my life in four-year cycles. This is the most depressing part of it.’

‘Like seriously what do I do now’



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