Osheaga 2014 – Day one – The Scale of Things to Come

I first heard about the Canadian music festival Osheaga from a work colleague, who I shall call Dillea for the sake of this blog and also because that’s  her name. From the moment she described it to me almost a year ago, I knew that I would be going to the next one!

Osheaga is an annual three day festival that takes place every August in Montreal and sees hordes of young folk and music junkies flood in to the beautiful city, no doubt to to the delight of the locals.

Dillea managed to find somewhere for us to stay on Airbnb last minute, which turned out to be a little downtown gem and only cost us $100 each for four nights. We were fed, educated and entertained by the best hosts one could ever ask for.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Festival Highlights Day One

Being There

Simply being part of the stampede arriving at Osheaga was a highlight in itself, especially after almost a year of anticipation.The weather was perfect, the vibes were good and we were overly hyper.


Ryan Hemsworth

The Electonik stage was our home away from home and the place that we saw our first act, Canadian born and bred Ryan Hemsworth. He played a great energetic set with the crowd really getting behind him.


For the last two months I have been obsessed with Shlohmo’s song ‘No More’. That very morning I was playing it none stop in the hopes that that Dillea would get ready quicker. One of the main lyrics is ‘I don’t wanna wait no more’. When that song came on it was awesome with the opening scratching noises of the song being immediately familiar to the majority of people there.




We could hardly see Flume, as we were safely tucked behind some shrubbery but the baselines definitely reached us. We we in the thick of it amongst some people that can only be described as ‘on drugs’ and some lovely girls who we made plans to meet up with in Toronto, which we all knew was never going to happen. Another song I have been playing none stop is Flume’s remix of Disclosure’s You & Me, so to hear that was literally music to my drunken ears.



Chase & Status

Bearing in mind all the great moments of the first day of Osheaga, Chase & Stautus were a stand out act that got the crowd so hype it felt like everyone there had paid to come to Osheaga solely to see them. I felt very proud to be from the UK and the show was a well rounded feast for the ears and eyes. Chase & Status saw me to the end of the first day of Osheaga and what a way to finish.


Other Things

Skrillex – The incessant noise that turned out to be Skrillex’s live show made feel about 60 years – ‘Someone please, turn that music down.’

Outkast – Had been looking forward to seeing them but was a bit of a let down. Probably because I had to sit through Skrillex to see them. It was really packed and I felt clasutrphobic and almost fainted and were we really thirsty so left early. All these things are obviously not Outkast’s fault. Still love them. B.O.B FOREVER!

The toilet queues were not a joke. If you even felt the need to think about the possibility of peeing that was when you had to head for the loo. The queues were ridiculous and people soon turned to mother nature to provide shelter and relief.

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