Happy Thanksgiving

I arrived in Canada two years ago today and the most poignant thing I have learnt is that time really does fly. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and whatever happens I already know it will be better than last year, when I had to do a border run and almost didn’t get let back into Canada!

Leaving the UK two years ago was in someways hard but the excitement of what was to come totally eclipsed that. I am currently applying for my permanent residency and the thought of leaving Canada is something that doesn’t feel real, yet I know how extraordinary humans are in their ability to adapt. Uprooting their whole life and planting it somewhere else and essentially starting from scratch. This is not to say that we ever forget the loved ones that we left behind but remember that love is infinite and doesn’t run out.

Travelling has shown me that people are stronger than they think and that nothing is more certain than the end of the present day and the start of a new one, because of this, I think it is important that we enjoy the good days and understand that the bad days will pass.

So on Thanksgiving I think I would most like to give thanks to the people I have loved, will love and most importantly, the people I do love.


‘Part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.’ – Miriam Adeney

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