Merry Christmas and a Happy Divorce

If you’re married and have made it to the end of this week without filing for divorce, then you have done what many married couples have not. The first Monday that we return to work after the Christmas holidays is now commonly known as Divorce Day and the rest of the month continues in pretty much the same vein.

Divorce attorneys say that the number of people filing for divorce in January is one-third more than usual, with the rate returning back to normal in early March. It is estimated that 1 in 5 couples in the UK plan to divorce after the holidays. So the question is why are people (mainly women) eager to jump ship so soon after what should be the merriest time of the year?

For better or worse many unhappy couples are reluctant to break up the family during the festivities. Instead they choose to grin and bare it and see the year through as a family, plus it doesn’t sound great if you choose to divorce your spouse on Christmas Eve.

Christmas can be a stressful time, especially for parents who are expected to make it memorable just in case Santa forgets. Combine this with spending lots of time with people who have you contemplating murder (AKA family), you could find yourself reaching for that divorce lawyer’s number. Therefore, it’s hardly unexpected that couples already struggling to hold it together over the festive period finally call it a day when the New Year comes round.

Some people also discover affairs around Christmas with a text message on Christmas Day, while others have been thinking about divorce for a few months and make it a New Year’s resolution to finally file for divorce to have a new start.


Can you guess what other business is booming during this period which sees an increase in divorces? Why online dating of course!, America’s largest dating website sees a 38% jump in registrations between December and February, giving credence to the saying ‘out with the old and in with the new’. With one-third of relationships that lead to marriage now beginning online and also being less likely to end in divorce, maybe these web surfers have the right idea.


It’s usually the woman who initiates divorce at the beginning of the year, tipping the scale at 68% compared to just 4% by men (the rest are joint). Marital therapists state that not only are men reluctant to call it a day, but they rarely even recognise there’s a problem. This is not to say that women rush into divorce. Dr Marshall who has been a marital therapist for 30 years says that ‘Even after years of unhappiness, it’s always the last resort.’

So what lessons can we all learn for this New Year whether married, divorced, in a couple or single? Perhaps simply that we keep an eye on the healthiness of our relationships. Tend to them like you would a good Christmas turkey and inspect it every so often otherwise it just might end up in the bin. On that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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