Winnipeg STAND UP

Saw this Wu-Tang style hoodie on a night out in Toronto. Don’t forget to rep your ends!!



Proving Canadians Have Style

I was lucky enough to speak with lots of beautiful and friendly hipsters on my Toronto travels. I have lived in London for the last four years, so have been surrounded by trendy people. I was warned that Canadians don’t really have much fashion sense but whoever made that statement must not have visited Toronto.

Check out the video I made to see how hot and fashionable Canadians can be!


CRAZY SEXY (but mostly crazy) ♥

Toronto Fashion Week proved that fashionistas are the same everywhere in the world – pretty darn crazy if you ask me, but you can’t help but love em.  I had the best time with my friend Vi, who is as cheapskate and budget as I am, so I assure you, we took full advantage of all the freebies on offer!

We saw a show from a designer called Lucian Matis. Wasn’t that impressed with the clothes but that could be because I was preoccupied by eating the delicious chocolates that came inside the freebie bag. One bag per person or six bags between two if you’re shifty.


Keeping Warm and Oh So stylish

Keeping warm and stylish

These were one of the three gloves issued by the olympic team Canada. I got myself a pair when I arrived in Canada.

Think they cost around $5 from a chain store called Zimmers, which I believe is now closed.


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